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Exclusive Webinar Series

Growing your entire online funnel

The average Shopify Plus merchant is growing at 126% YoY — 9x the industry at large. As strong as that number is the average among our top 20 merchants is 274%.

What’s their secret? A holistic approach to customer acquisition and retention combined with the right tools to optimize their entire online funnel.

Watch our exclusive webinar series with six of our Shopify Plus Partners helping fuel that industry-leading growth and learn how to:

Part 1: Customer acquisition

  • Leverage SEM, Facebook ads, and intelligent digital marketing for brand recall
  • Drive sales at your business through onsite search and core functionality
  • Automate acquisition tactics and targeted welcome series for engagement
  • And more!  

Part 2: Customer retention

  • Curate user generated content and reviews at your business through the buyer’s cycle
  • Upsell with personalized recommendations and social retargeting
  • Increase customer lifetime value and create brand evangelists through loyalty programs
  • And more!  

Watch the webinar series

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Vinay Sharma

Head of Digital Marketing at Demac Media

Vinay Sharma manages multi-million dollar budgets for retailers across industries to identify opportunities online and attract new business while driving traffic through the power of Digital Marketing. A former employee of Google, Vinay works in close collaboration with retailers to optimize campaigns and achieve an average Return on Ad Spend of 1000%+. If you’re looking to grow online in 2018, Vinay is your expert.

Miles Tinsley

Head of US, Klevu

Miles joined Klevu in 2017 and is responsible for all sales, operations and partnerships within North America. Miles has a strong background in working with high-growth eCommerce startups and previously worked for marketing automation company, Springbot.

Gabe Macaluso

Channel Manager - Team Lead, Oracle + Bronto

Gabe Macaluso is a Channel Manager - Team Lead at Oracle + Bronto and has been in the ecommerce industry for the last 4 years. He began by advising retailers on how to increase their marketing sophistication and drive revenue through email marketing. Currently, Gabe serves in a strategic role to build relationships with our largest partners and provide expertise on marketing automation best practices.

Jan Soerensen

General Manager - North America, Nosto

Jan Soerensen is the General Manager for Nosto in the US. He spends most of his day working with the teams in NY and LA to increase the visibility of Nosto in the North American market. Previously leading the Customer Success team he has initimate knowledge of personalization and is a true ecommerce insider.

John-David Klausner

Head of US Partnerships, Yotpo

John-David heads up US Channel Partnerships for Yotpo. A recent NYC transplant from the Tel Aviv HQ, JD was an early Yotpo employee who helped build and scale Yotpo's strategic partner ecosystem from the ground up. When not in the office or at tradeshows, he can be found evangelizing the power of UGC marketing and running training workshops for Yotpo's top partners.

Stuart Arsenault

Senior Rewards Specialist, Smile.io

Stuart Arsenault is a Senior Rewards Specialist at Smile.io where he helps craft highly engaging reward programs. Stuart has personally helped hundreds of merchants get the most out of their customers with Smile.io's points, referral, and VIP platform.